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Feeding dogs on holiday in campsites

While on holiday, your dog has to follow the same food rules as at home. This means same food, same bowls and same time as much as possible, in order to avoid intestine trouble or protest fasting. And if you have to change something, do it gradually.

Remember that water is essential. Therefore, always bring a travel bottle and bowl with you.

Avoid changing the food rules you impose on your trusty friend at home. Extra awards are fine, but they should be motivated and wholesome. Avoid giving your pet leftovers and limit thefts and special bites when you are eating.

Do not give in to sweet food, whether it is ice cream or other, which your pet stares at with a greedy look; remember that there are suitable presents and awards for it.

To avoid accumulating stress, feed your dog in a quiet and secluded place, whether it is a corner near your tent or a dedicated space in a bungalow or mobile home.

Remember that high summer temperatures make food deteriorate quickly. Therefore, do not keep it in the open air for too long, but use special fridge containers.

No exceptions are allowed at the restaurant. Feed your dog before sitting at a table: you will avoid spending your lunch or dinner with a beggar that will not lose sight of you for a moment.

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